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LabVIEW Teensy / Arduino Sketch Compiler

LabVIEW ™ Teensy ™ / Arduino ™ Sketch Compiler (LV-TASC): a professional-grade compiler turning LabVIEW ™ programs into sketches for Arduino ™ compatibles, super-fast (600MHz+ ARM) Teensy ™ boards in particular.


Utilising highly productive and modular LabVIEW programming for embedded devices is often both challenging and prohibitively expensive. Manually converting LabVIEW block diagrams into text code is massively time consuming and requires expertise in at least two programming languages. Lexcom Consultants has introduced a fully automated solution to this: LV-TASC.

Unleash graphical programming to generate code for standalone embedded devices & deploy to Teensy / Arduino compatibles! LV-TASC can significantly reduce all of costs, challenges, and development times associated with projects utilising such devices, enabling the use LabVIEW’s graphical programming environment for off-the-shelf, affordable embedded devices for hobbyist as well as commercial applications, and it does so with open-source scalability.

The best part is that LV-TASC also has other key features for programmers, even enabling hybrid development options using both graphical programming and text coding. With the ease of simply pressing a button to produce a fully functional corresponding output sketch from a LabVIEW block diagram, ready to deploy to a Teensy or Arduino compatible board, the output sketch can be further edited, modified, extended, or shared at will. In addition, a feature allowing for direct text code injection right at the graphical programming stage is also readily available: injected code seamlessly appears in the sketch at the location in code, respecting the intended execution order. LV-TASC officially supports Teensy boards, but works with any other Arduino compatible.



To make your larger projects scale better, it offers modularity options by a choice of either converting each subVI into its own header file, or just generating a single self-contained sketch file, with all your code inside. Moreover, it features an open-source area where you get to enjoy almost unlimited customization and/or extension of the product, as well as a set of simple cross-paradigm tools allowing you to trace your functions and variables from graphical code to text code, and vice versa.


LV-TASC is in effect is an automatic code-porting tool with professional grade features, enabling you to get functional, readable output sketches, manage automatic comments and bookmarks added to your code, or even inject text code directly from your block diagram in LabVIEW, which also applies to headers generated from SubVIs (if this option is selected).

Beyond the enhanced modularity of porting all SubVIs to headers, this option allows for better optimization of recursive recompilations by optionally recompiling only those SubVIs that changed since the last iteration in development. This, coupled with its sheer ease of use, makes this software toolkit a must-have for any LabVIEW professional, or even aspiring dataflow-oriented programmer aiming to code low-cost, off-the-shelf Arduino compatible boards to be used in a standalone fashion.

LV-TASC was available for purchase through backing on Kickstarter – development is currenlty suspended.