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Bespoke Systems

Lexcom Consultants Ltd Bespoke Systems Industrial Scientific Automation

Since our primary profile is LabVIEW software design & development which we extend to the delivery of bespoke systems, rather than the other way around, your business will benefit from an enhanced perspective of seamless system automation and integration when using Lexcom Consultants Ltd as LabVIEW consulting or contractor partner, as well as a system integration service provider. Such a business strategy offers not only the early incorporation of our LabVIEW software expertise from the very first project phases of concept development & planning, but also reduces project lead times and costs, which we are keen to transfer to our valued customers in the form of cost-efficient, robust, and maintainable systems.

We often respond to client requests incorporating bespoke systems that are fully custom-designed, and therefore require our expertise in concept-to-prototype development. Over the years we have also formed a number of partnerships with some of the best machine builders and design specialists around, allowing us to undertake the design, automation, integration, and deployment of custom machines, utilising our primary LabVIEW programming expertise to render them functional.

Some of such applications of relevance are:

  • Advanced vision systems
  • Automated optical inspection (AOI) cells
  • High axis count mechanical automation
  • High volume manufacturing
  • Fully automated test stations
  • Remote handling systems