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QR Code Generator Toolkit

Lexcom Consultants QR Code Generator Toolkit for LabVIEW™


QR Code Generator Toolkit by Lexcom Consultants Ltd
  • Generate and access raw QR code data directly from LabVIEW
  • Generate corresponding image data and/or image files (in PNG/EPS formats)
  • Full QR code specification supported (set error correction level, QR version, and more)
  • All four QR code data modes supported (numeric, alphanumeric, binary, kanji)
  • Complete native LabVIEW implementation (developed using native LabVIEW functions only)


Download from NI Tools Network


The QR Code Generator Toolkit offers automation of QR code data and/or PNG/EPS image file creation from LabVIEW code. It supports the full QR code specification without limitation on size, QR mode, or error correction level, in a fully decoupled fashion. You can use the toolkit to generate QR code data only, with custom image data/image files generated independently, later, and/or elsewhere from existing QR data, or not at all. This allows for modular use as well as better deployment options for real-time targets.

The toolkit is platform-independent and does not rely on any other toolkit, library, pre-compiled component, online algorithm, or any other external dependency. It is a standalone, native LabVIEW implementation of the full QR specification for all four QR modes: numeric, alphanumeric, binary, and kanji.

The distribution of applications built with a licensed copy of the Lexcom Consultants QR Code Generator Toolkit is free and unlimited. There is no additional run-time licence or cost.