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Power Analyzers, Power Meters & Wattmeters



PA-1600 Power Analyser with Harmonics Analyser

The PA1600 is a fast, easy to use mains and harmonics analyser with full graphical display. It is capable of continuous real-time analysis of both voltage and current.

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PA2100 Single Phase Power Analyser

The PA2100 is a PC controlled bench top power analyzer, allowing several electrical power measurements to be taken simultaneously during testing – from just one set of input connections.

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PX120 A

Power meter for single phase & three phase systems wattmeter

Power measuring watt meters are a necessity with today’s energy saving awareness. Using the PA110 several electrical measurements can be taken during testing – from just one set of connections.

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PA2553 Three Phase Power Analyzer

The six-key front panel has four “soft” keys with menus that simplify the selection of measurements. In addition to numerical results, the PA2553 captures waveforms with 200-point precision.

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PA2640 Power Analyzer

The PA2640 is a three phase power analyzer, additionally it is three single phase power analyzers in a single chassis with a single user interface. The PA2640 may have up to 4 channels installed, which may be any combination of channel cards and with any combination of available current input options. Multiple PA2640 can be Ethernet connected to make simultaneous multi channel measurements, useful where power analyzer measurements are needed in multiple locations, where close proximity to the load is required.

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pa2801 pa2801 power analyzers


Models PA2801 and PA2802 Wattmeters

With an extended measurement range from micro-amps to hundreds of amps and milli-volts to kilovolts, the Lexcom PA2801 and PA2802 are ideal power analyzers for appliance testing, standby power or Energy Star conformance testing.

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PA4400A Three Phase AC Power Analyzer

The PA4400A series offers single phase, two wattmeter and three phase power analysis, with full power meter and watt meter capability. Three phase power analyzers / watt meters are a necessity when several ac power measurements need to be recorded during testing.

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