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Measurement of Horse Power and kW – UPC

Measurement of Horse Power and kW

We regularly develop industrial as well as scientific test & measurement solutions, which can include custom instruments and / or sensor fusion architectures, among others. Test and measurement systems have been at the core of our business for more than a decade. Utilising our well-exercised LabVIEW expertise in this area, we are now developing our own industrial automation products, which we will soon offer to the market in conjunction with our established experience in the integration of such systems.

In addition to integrating and automating instruments within the scope of the actual LabVIEW software projects we deliver, we also develop reusable LabVIEW drivers on demand, for end-user clients as well as instrument manufacturers. In addition, we develop low-cost microcontroller platforms onto which we deploy our own software, in order to implement sensor fusions in a fully flexible and customisable fashion for valued customers.




  • Pump or Fan Flow
  • Mixture Viscosity
  • Optimum Feed Rate
  • Tool Condition
  • Beginning of End Process
  • Obstructions
  • Overloads
  • Loss of Load
Load hr UPC


Model UPC
Adjustable Capacity Power Sensor

Power Monitoring Made Easy

  • Monitor motor power with DUAL analog outputs for meters, programmable controllers, chart recorders
  • Adjust full scale to match your motor – Max. sensitivity from small motors clear up to 150HP
  • Self-contained – No PTs or CTs to install
  • Versatile – Works on both Fixed and Variable Frequency, even Single Phase and DC



230 Volt Power Supply Input

Fast Response Universal Power Cell

0.050 Second Response Time
Ideal for Machine Tool Monitoring
Also used together with “V” Series Load Control

Larger Holes

For wires up to 0.9″ (23 mm) diameter
Nearly 50% more area than a standard UPC

Energy Measuring Universal Power Cell

Accumulates Kilowatt Hours, Kilowatt Minutes, Kilowatt Seconds
Accumulates total power into the mixing process for consistent batches
Accumulates power–indicative of throughput