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Power Electronic Measurements and Performance Testing

PA2640 Three Phase Harmonics & Power Analyzer

Multi-Channel & Harmonics Power Analyzer

pa2640 The PA2640 is a three phase power analyzer & harmonics analyzer, additionally it is three single phase power analyzers in a single chassis with a single user interface. The PA2640 Harmonics & Power Analyzers may have up to 4 channels installed, which may be any combination of channel cards and with any combination of available current input options. Multiple PA2640 Harmonics & Power Analyzers can be Ethernet connected to make simultaneous multi channel measurements, useful where power analyzer measurements are needed in multiple locations, where close proximity to the load is required.

Channels may be individually configured, in effect as 3 virtual power analyzers.

Each PA2640 channel can be independently configured for 1ph, 2ph, 3ph 3W, 3ph 4W, multi-channel wiring configurations, signal filtering, default measurement coupling, display results smoothing and efficiency grouping. Voltage and current input channels may be optionally synchronized to each other.

Product Features:

  • PA2640 has MU option (Multi-Unit Option) which allows the connections of up to 50 units, useful to perform synchronous Efficiency Measurements on Three Phase Input / Three Phase Output power conversion devices
  • Offers 1-4 simultaneous channels – all measuring Vrms, Vpk, Arms, Apk, Acf, A inrush, PF, W, VA, VAr, THD, THD+N, V Harmonics, A Harmonics
  • Allows input/output efficiency and power loss…for example testing variable speed drives, electric lighting and power supplies
  • Ideal for Avionics
  • It is accurate with waveform distortion (accurate with non sinusoidal waveshapes)
  • DC-1MHz bandwidth
  • 0.03% basic accuracy
  • Color display with Graphs/Bargraphs/Plots/Data logging
  • PC software available

PA2640 Datasheet Download   PA2640 Datasheet Download

General Specifications

AC and DC Voltage: 0.03%
Current: 0.03%
Power: 0.05%
Power Factor: 0.01
Harmonic amplitude: 0.03%
Phase:Phase: 0.1°
For full accuracy performance and graphs refer to PA2640 Datasheet pdf
Power Supply
Line Power:
  • Installation Category II; 85-264Vrms, 45 to 65Hz, 40VA max
  • Internally fused with a non-user serviceable fuse
Storage Environment: -20°C to 75°C (-4°F to 167°F) (non-condensing)
Operating Environment: 0° to 40°C (32°F to 104°F), < 85% RH (non-condensing), Pollution Degree 2
Operating Altitude: 0 to 2000m (6560ft) ASL
Input Isolation

Valid for any V terminal to PA2640 chassis ground; any A terminal to PA2640 chassis ground; and between V and A terminal
  • >1GΩ ∥ < 30pF
  • 4500Vpk max without damage
  • 2500Vrms for < 1s without damage
Max Voltage:
  • 1000Vrms max continuous rated working voltage (CAT I/II)
  • 600Vrms max continuous rated working voltage (CAT I/III)
  • 300Vrms max continuous rated working voltage (CAT IV)
Nominal Dimensions: 137mmH x 248mmW x 248mmD (5.4″ x 9.75″ x 11.2″) with feet not extended
Nominal Weight: 3.2 kg (7lb) net, 5kg (11lb) shipping

PA2640 power analyzer Rear Panel


PA2640 power analyzer screenshot of Labview with MU option


Display Screen Features

Harmonics Screen
Harmonics Screen


Cycle View
Cycle View


Power Data
Power Data


Scope View
Scope View


Vector Screen
Vector Screen


History Screen
History Screen


PA2640 Datasheet Download   PA2640 Datasheet Download
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