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Optical Lightning Surveillance & Transient Monitoring Services


Lightning poses a major risk to infrastructure, electromechanical systems, and personnel. Lightning strike reports from large-scale lightning location systems do not provide definite information on how or where lightning interacts with your assets. SLS designs custom, site-specific lightning and transient monitoring solutions to provide timely, ground-truth, and reliable data so you can quickly inspect your assets following a lightning strike before catastrophic failures occur.



Our Jupiter OLS optical lightning surveillance systems utilize state-of-the-art high-speed cameras to capture high-de finition imagery of all lightning interaction with your assets. Features of these systems include:

  • 99.9% lightning strike detection efficiency
  • Zero dead-time recording
  • Real-time automated reports delivered to the customer with GPS time-tagged images
  • Fully solar powered, requiring no facility power input
  • Flexible installation options and communication protocols designed to meet customer needs

Visit our Jupiter OLS product page, or view our brochure for more information on our standard optical monitoring systems.

jupiter ols plane solar

Jupiter OLS



Jupiter OLS captures not only direct lightning strikes, but also all unconnected upward leaders, showing all lightning interaction with your assets.


Negative cloud-to-ground lightning strike at Atlas Launch Complex 41, Kennedy Space Centre.





Lightning generates powerful currents, voltages, and electromagnetic fields that can have catastrophic direct and indirect effects on your infrastructure and systems. Lexcom provides the Jupiter TMS transient monitoring surveillance system to accurately measure, record, and report lightning-related currents, voltages, and electromagnetic fields. Jupiter TMS provides timely feedback that proves how and when lightning interacted with your assets so that you can quickly and accurately diagnose potential damage. Features of our transient monitoring systems include:

  • 100% lightning strike transient detection efficiency
  • Zero dead-time recording
  • High-bandwidth digitisers
  • Flexible channel counts
  • Precision timing options
  • Flexible-content, real-time automated reports delivered to the customer
  • Flexible packaging, power, communication, and installation options


waveform data graph

Example Jupiter TMS waveform data.  Lightning current and fast electric field change.

jupiter tms

Jupiter TMS


Visit our Jupiter TMS product page, or view our datasheet and application note for information on our standard transient monitoring solution. Our transient monitoring solutions are scalable and adaptable to meet customer needs. We offer solutions ranging from simple installations with low channel-counts to highly-ruggedized implementations with high channel-counts and unique power and communications requirements.

Contact us today to discuss your lightning and transient monitoring requirements. Our lightning and transient monitoring solutions are available for both purchase and lease to accommodate both long and short term installations.