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PA2553 Power Analyzer

PA2553 Three Phase Harmonic & Power Analyzer


PA2553 Power Analyser Datasheet Download

PA2553 Power Analyser User Manual Download

The PA2553 is an economical three phase power / harmonic analyzer, using a six-key front panel and “soft” keys with menus to simplify the selection of measurements. In addition to numerical results, the PA2553 power analyzers displays and captures waveforms allowing the user to check connection integrity with 200-point precision. These waveforms can be displayed or directly output at full resolution to a PCL printer. Power and amplitude measurements with a base accuracy of 0.1% are automatically synchronized to the fundamental frequency. Peak measurements of voltage, current and power include continuous, inrush current and history modes plus an energy accumulation mode for WHr, AHr and VAHr.

A2553 Three Phase Power and Harmonics Analyzer
  • Measures and displays power, VA, PF, frequency, harmonics, THD, CF, K-Factor, Triplens and Inrush current
  • Up to 1500 Volts peak, 40 Amps peak internally and up to 10,000 Amps with the use of External Current Transducers
  • DC to 80kHz Frequency Range
  • Graphics Display shows numerical results, waveforms bar graphs and history plots
  • PCL/Test printer output, IEEE488 interface included
  • 200ms to 10-Day historical logging feature
  • Built in supply for Hall Effect CT’s
  • Ideal for testing Fans, Motors, Lighting and Production applications
  • 6-key front panel with four soft keys with toggle menus

Measurement Function – PA2553 Harmonic / Power Analyzer

Measurement Bandwidth Range: DC, 20mHz – 80kHz

(Refer performance graphs operation manual)

Display Resolution: 5 digit
Measurement Range: 700mVrms to 850Vrms (2000Vpk)
Vpeak Ranges: 400Vpk, 950Vpk, 1500Vpk
Max input volts: 1500Vpk
Accuracy: 0.1% Reading + 0.1% Range 0.04%/kHz
DC 0.2% Reading +0.2% Range + 10mV
Common Mode: 70dB
Input Impedance: 243kohm, 600kohm, 1Mohm depending on model
Voltage (option 1500V)
DC: 0.1% (0.25% above 500V) + 0.3V
20Hz to 5kHz range: 0.1% (0.24% above 500V) + 0.1V + 0.04%kHz add 0.05%below 40Hz if AC coupled
Voltage to Voltage Crosstalk: >110dB decreasing linearly to >60dB at 75kHz
Phase (to other phase): 0.1° + 0.05°/kH
VA (Applies Voltage) x Current Accuracy + Applied Current) x Voltage Accuracy
Current Arms

(Refer to performance graphs operation manual)
Display Resolution: 5 digit
Measurement Range: 4mA-8Apk and 40mA-40Apk
Amps Ranges: 8Apk and 40Apk
Max input amps: 40Apk
Accuracy: 0.09% Reading + 0.1% Range 0.05%/kHz
Common Mode: 70dB
Input impedance: 0-8Apk 0.04ohm and 0-40Apk 0.005ohm
Power active power watts Accuracy: 0.2% typical
VA apparent power Accuracy: 0.2% typical
VAR reactive power Accuracy: 0.2% typical
Internal Current (option 8A)
DC: 0.1% + 0.005A
20Hz to 5kHz range: 0.1% + 0.005A + 0.04%/kHz
Current to Current Crosstalk: >80dB decreasing linearly to >50dB at 75kHz
Phase (to other phase): 0.1° + 0.05°/kHz
Phase (no voltage): 0.1° + 0.05°/kHz
Internal Current (option 40A)
DC: 0.1% + 0.025A
20Hz to 5kHz range: 0.1% + 0.025A + 0.04%kHz
External Current (option E, voltage input)
DC: 0.1% + 0.0005V
20Hz to 5kHz range: 0.1% + 0.00015V + 0.04%/kHz
External Current (option E, current input)
DC: 0.1% + 0.01A
20Hz to 5kHz range: 0.1% + 0.003A + 0.04%/kHz
Harmonics Analyzer
Number Harmonics: Up to 50 or 40kHz/fundamental frequency
(whichever smaller)
Absolute Harmonics: As signal accuracy + (0.05% x N)
Relative Harmonics: 0.1% + 0.04% kHz

General Specifications

Standard: IEEE488
Operating Temperature: 0° to +45°C
Storage Temperature: -30°C to +65°C
Humidity: Operating:
<85% RH @ 40°C non-condensing
<95% RH @ 40°C non-condensing
Dielectric Strength
Inputs to case: 2.5kV
AC line input to case: 2.5kV
AC line input voltage: 80-265Vrms (auto-selecting)
AC line input frequency: 50/60/400Hz
AC line input fuse: 300mA
Power Consumption: 30VA max.
Crest Factor
Accuracy: From accuracy of peak results
Range: 1 to 20
Integrated Results Accuracy of integrated result + 0.05% + 10ms
Load K-Factor
Accuracy: From accuracy of harmonics results, typical accuracy within 0.02 at line frequencies
1 to 999
Frequency Measurement Accuracy: 0.05% (sampling synchronized to within 0.01%)
Weight: 6lbs (2.7Kg)
Dimensions (W x H x D): 11.5in x 4.5in x 10.5in
(29.21cm x 11.43cm x 26.67cm)
pa2553 harmonic and power analyzers
PA2553 Rear Panel 
PA2553 Power Analyser Datasheet Download   PA2553 Power Analyser User Manual Download
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